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April 2008

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                                                 Let's Get Sara and Miguel Around the World!



Pick Me, Pick Me and Go Girl Friday in Washington, D.C.
(Contributed by Edgar in Reno, NV)


Go Girl Friday at the
 Sydney Opera House

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By Elizabeth Horton
Illustrated by
 Sean Kinsley
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Sara and Miguel want to travel the world. Have your picture posted here!
Oval Callout: We've started our tour; can you help? 

Go Girl Friday and Pick Me, Pick Me are traveling! Go Girl Friday by DC Paull has been in many cities around the world already. We’ve paired up Sara of Go Girl Friday and Miguel of Pick Me, Pick Me. (We think Miguel needs a chaperone to travel the world.) Edgar from Reno has contributed some photos as he travels the US. Can you help? Elizabeth Horton, author of  Pick Me, Pick Me recently visited China. (Picture coming soon!) We’re hoping to give both characters and you a worldwide experience.  

Here’s the deal. If you buy either book from LeRue Press or LRP Printing,  280 Greg St. #10, Reno, NV (775) 356-1004, take a picture of yourself with one (or both) of these books, we’ll post it on our website and give you $3.00 as a thank you. One picture/refund per customer and proof of purchase AND picture will be required. Let’s get Go Girl Friday and Pick Me, Pick Me around the world!
"Pick Me, Pick Me" & "Go Girl Friday"                    "Go Girl Friday" at Darling Harbour, Australia
visit the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
(Contributed by Edgar, Reno, NV)

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