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           "Pick Me, Pick Me" by Elizabeth Horton            Elizabeth Horton has always enjoyed writing. She
              Illustrated by Sean Kinsley                            
   created her first story when she was 11. Though
              32 Pages                                                 
   it was rejected, she was encouraged to continue
ISBN# 978-0-9797460-0-0                                   writing by her Aunt, Phyllis Cercone, who           
            copyright, 2008, LeRue Press, LLC
                              was also an author.


Get your copy of "Pick Me, Pick Me", by Elizabeth Horton   Read on...we've got a special for you!

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"Pick Me, Pick Me" is a story of Miguel, a young boy, anxiously wanting to be the center of attention. See how his teacher manages his expectations as he jumps up and down in his seat, waves his arms, and tries to impress

Mrs. Pierce
with his intelligence.

One Reno librarian said, "I wanted to let you know the students love the book. I've read it to the 3rd and 4th grade classes, and between the story and the illustrations, the students aren't making a sound - well, that's not completely true, they must try out the arm circles, wave and bouncing in their seats at least once!"

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Pick Me, Pick Me was inspired by a very bright student in Ms. Horton’s first grade class. She discovered from his mother during a parent-teacher conference that her son did not think Ms. Horton liked him because she did not call on him each time he raised his hand. Nothing could have been further from the truth.....


Pick Me, Pick Me

by Elizabeth Horton 




n the first day of first grade, Mrs. Pierce asked her O, “Who knows the alphabet?” Miguel thought to himself, “Pick me, I know. Pick me, I know.


 Mrs. Pierce scrunched up her eyes, put her finger to her lips, peered around the room and said, “Let me see, who should I choose?  Let me see, how about…”  And she saw Miguel’s hand and said, “Miguel, please recite the alphabet.”  Which he did correctly and Mrs. Pierce said, “Very good.”




At math time she asked, “Who knows what two plus two equals?”  Again, Miguel thought to himself, “Pick me, I know.  Pick me, I know.  Don’t call Blake, because he’s not awake.  Pick me, I know,” and his hand shot straight up into the air.




Buy it NOW!  Regular price: $16.95...Your price today with 10% discount is $15.25 but for a short time, you can enjoy this great book for only $11. Your kids will love it and later, so will your grandkids!

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