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Name of Book: Suddenly
Author Name: Juliene Allman

Description of Book : In this sweet reflection of the milestones that our children go through as they grow, author Juliene Allman brings
 to the surface the need to pause, reflect and enjoy the little things in life. It is far too easy to fall into a pattern
of taking time for granted. Precious moments that quickly pass, can never be recaptured.

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Name of Book: The Prince of Naples: How one boy brought down the Mafia
Author Name : Hugh Gurney

Description of Book : ONE BOY HAS LOST EVERYTHING AND HE IS HELL-BENT ON REVENGE. This is the true story of ‘The Prince’,
 a child prodigy who takes on the corrupt and terrifying Camorra, (the Naples Mafia) but there’s nothing they can do without a clue
to the identity of their fearless enemy.. No one suspects it’s The Prince who has the perfect disguise – he is 12 years old.

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Name of Book: To My Last Breath
Author Name: V. Karen McMahon

Description of Book : Patricia’s mother had told her all of her life that no matter how much she thought she wanted to die, when the
time came for the last breath, she would struggle for it. Patricia always wondered how her mother knew that, but throughout her young and tragic life, she had more
 than one chance to test that theory. Travel with Patricia on her journey to struggle through depression and tragedy
while she seeks the happiness that seems to elude her.

To My Last Breath keeps the reader engrossed in the storyline and turning the pages. Readers can identify with the main character
 on a personal level. The powerful situations and the believable characters take on a life of their own, allowing
 the reader to feel the emotional ups and downs experienced throughout the story. This is one the avid reader won't want to miss.

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Name of Book: The Tao of WordPress
Author Name: Jeff Starr

Description of Book : Everything you need to build beautiful, awesome sites with WordPress. This concise, streamlined guide covers
 everything from hosting, installation, and configuration to security, optimization, and customization.
. Complete guide for beginners, students, admins, and users.

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Name of Book: Switched in Death
Author Name: Sherry Foley

Description of Book = Detective Seth Banning searches for one of the most heinous serial killers of all time.. Seth is desperate to find the
 sadistic murderer who takes his female victims two at a time, and switches their heads. Elaina von Hagan is on the
 run from the drug trafficking father she has exposed. As she and Seth begin a relationship, she becomes a target for the serial killer'??s deranged
 ritual. The stakes have never been higher for Seth as Elaina is taken, and the stage is set for a gruesome showdown between good and evil.
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Name of Book: Mattie, A Woman's Journey West
Author Name:
Nan Weber
Date: 17 Jan 2013 Time: 11:10:23 Remote User:

Book Description: Not unlike today, life for women in the nineteenth century served up hearty challenges on a daily basis, though the burdens of
 100 plus years ago certainly were of a different flavor. Mattie: A Woman's Journey West offers a taste of that life through the
 story of Martha "Mattie" Shipley Culver, whose life passage took her from her childhood in industrial new England and work in the
New York textile industry to her role as the wife of a winter caretaker in Yellowstone National Park, where she died and was buried in 1889, at the age of 32.

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Name of Book: Stella Bellarosa
Author Name:
Julie Krantz
Date: 17 Jan 2013 Time: 11:19:16 Remote User:

Book Description: Wallet, a thief, and a brilliant plan--what can possibly go wrong? At least that’s what Stella thinks when she urges Pin Pin
 to return the stolen wallet—until she gets caught with the goods, that is, and all heaven, hell and whatever’s-in-between breaks loose,
 forcing the BFFs to hit the road. Tag along with Stella and Pin Pin as they ditch Little Italy for midtown Manhattan, all the while battling archrival
Angie Como for the title to SOHO’s Annual Food Drive, their ticket to Regis Academy—a posh high school for girls, hidden
 far, far away in the Catskills. Oh-la-la, for the chance to leave home—for good! Problem is... the road isn’t much safer than home,
 especially when the runaways attract the attention of police, museum officials and—worst of all—Stella’s unforgiving father.
 Also pitted against their extravagant dreams is the threat of Pin and her family’s deportation, including baby sister,
 Audrey, who lies at the heart of this quirky coming-of-age novel—STELLA BELLAROSA, a serious MG with a funny-bone.

Name of Book: Marshall's Gully
Author Name:
Paul Counelis
Date: 23 Jan 2013 Time: 02:02:45 Remote User:

Book Description: 'Marshall spoke like a teenage hustler, fast and loose and with a knowing gleam in his eyes. The first words he said when he
 came into the house pretty much set the tone for my friendship with him: “So…what do you guys do for fun?”' MARSHALL'S GULLY
 is the touching and haunting true story of some strange nights in a big grey house, a little hill hiding the secrets
 of the gully, a group of teenagers left to navigate it all on their own...and a series of friendships forged in the freedom of youth.

Name of Book: Virtues of the Horror Film
Author Name:
Paul Counelis
Date: 23 Jan 2013 Time: 02:04:12 Remote User:

Book Description: What happens when horror gets it right? Paul Counelis, author of "25 Underrated Horror Films", "Marshall's Gully"
 and the children series "Kendall Kingsley" and Rue Morgue columnist (Monster Kid Corner) examines the horror genre and
 takes a look at the good things that horror movies have to offer. As both a fan of horror storytelling and a Christian, he wonders if there
 are redeeming qualities and virtues in a much maligned genre, with often surprising discoveries and insightful
 personal revelation. With looks at movies "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "Pan's Labyrinth", "The Exorcist", and more!

Name of Book: Big Leagues (A Cat McDaniel Mystery)
Author Name:
Jen Estes

Description of Book = Rookie sportswriter Catriona McDaniel is on deck in Sin City for the job of a lifetime with baseball's
 hottest team. The Las Vegas Chips have the best record in baseball, snagging two trophies in their first three years.
 Two men are vying for the position of ??boyfriend of summer. Her new boss, Erich König, is a German wunderkind
 and the Desertâ??s most eligible bachelor. Then thereâ??s her neighborâ?�a biology professor whose fetal pigs
 know more about baseball than he does. Not all the men admire Cat. As the teamâ??s junior reporter,
Dusty Carlyle was on-deck for her position. Now heâ??s desperate to get her out of the lineup. Save for the scheming coworker,
 Cat has everything she ever wanted â?¦ until a star outfielderâ??s heart stops.. Suspecting that his death was no accident,
 she starts nosing around, becoming the newest player in an extreme
game of hardball. Will Cat become the next member of the team to be taken out of the lineup?

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Name of Book: The Seiners
Author Name:
Anastasia Cassella-Young

Description of Book = What has Johnny Cavelli gotten himself into? His peaceful, quiet Granite
Island in Maine has become a battle zone for greed. When Johnny calls Uncle Vittorio for some help he didn't
 know that this help came with a price; a hefty price at that. Learn how Johnny achieves control of
 Granite Island. Learn how Johnny fails to see the concept of asking bigger, badder men to help
 resolve some issues he's having with Frank Miller. Granite Island will never be the same peaceful, quiet island in Maine ever again.

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Author of book: Laura Newman

Date: 01 Jan 2013 Time: 17:44:07 Remote User:

Book Description: Laura Newman delivers story lines that are hard, controversial, and varied, but the writing style is consistently
 read-out-loud captivating. Collectively, the short stories in this book are nearly lyrical in description of place and time.
 Woven into often harsh themes are characters who are nothing less than human in a world that spins beautifully around them.

You can preorder her book, published by LeRue Press at

Name of Book: The Mortgage Massacre (working title)
Author Name:
Janice Hermsen
Date: 01 Jan 2013 Time: 17:30:40 Remote User:

Book Description: The Mortgage Massacre (working title) is a book written with the homeowner in mind. It is a no holds barred expose'
of what happened to the homeowners in the trenches. Not the cleaned up version. This is a down
 to earth look at the devastation that was caused by greedy bankers and politicians. Watch for it!




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