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By Clare Foster  Illustrated by Ann Riordan
Your children will love The Poetry Lady
as she reads and sings and talks in

"The Poetry Lady is a refreshing, colorful and
magical book for all ages to enjoy. This book
opens the imagination and makes you believe.
I am a teacher in an elementary school and
look forward to reading this to my class of
2011-2012, and the classes that follow. A
must read!"
                           -Jan Ellis
                            Incline Elementary School
                            Incline Village, NV

Only $12.50


By Dr. Tim Schroeder Illustrated by Alex Greer
What do a boy and a mountain lion have in common?

They climb a rock to see what's at the top.
What they find is more than they could have imagined.

"As the unfolding of our true beings surface, so do the stories, beliefs and connection to the earth. When the air, water and animals become real, we are not alone. This book is an important step in the evolution of that understanding."

-Dahlahk Pahtahlngee, Washeshu Dahtohmu
Respected Leader, Washo Nation

Get your copy of The Legend of Eagle Rock today!

Only $12.95

By Dennis DuPerault

Get the car that you love without feeling that you have been taken for a ride.
The worst emotion when buying a car is regret...

You're driving on that boulevard that every town in America has, Auto row, and trying to absorb a sea of polished pain, balloons, banners, and window stickers that promise discounts as big as the national debt. Finally, after knowing in your mind the brand you have been dreaming of, you suck it up and go for the dealer of choice.

A proud participant in the baby boomer generation, Dennis began his automotive career as a mechanic in the USAF. Involved for many years in the industrial and irrigation industries in all types of capacities; sales, marketing and operations, he advanced his knowledge in cars while participating in many successful race teams, both as an owner and as a crew member.

Get your copy of Auto Emotions 101 today!

Only $11.95

Rupert: It's O.K. to Be Different
By James Kroshus & Illustrated by Mike Sheline

It's here!

The story of Rupert reveals the prejudice often inherent in individuals, families, groups, cultures and races. Many people have experience the fear and anxiety that one never sees. At the same time, it's a story of joy as the bears learn a lesson about the value of being different.


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