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"The History of Project"                     

We are putting together a book containing "The History Of" people, places, things. For instance, one of my favorites is the history of you know what M U D stands for?  It's not that wet, sticky, soft earth, as on the banks of a described at  Check out the "history of mud" below.

How would you complete the History of ...?

SUBMIT your "History of" today! Click for guidelines.

The History of:                                                                                      Contributed by:

        Mud                                                                                                 J. Hermsen
        Szudajski                                                                                       Ruby Szudajski   
        Swashbuckling                                                                             Ted Anthony Roberts
        Chicken Soup                                                                                Rita Laat
        Robin Hood                                                                                   Ted Anthony Roberts 
        LeRue Press, LLC                                                                        Lenore Halfide
        Musketeers                                                                                    Ted Anthony Roberts
        Edgar Rice Burroughs                                                                 Jim Osborn
        Charleston, SC                                                                              Tess Taylor 
        Nevada Women's History Project                                               Kay Sanders
        The American Flag Timeline for Changes to the Flag           LeRue Press, LLC

Always...Publishing from the Heart!

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