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What's the Story?

Barn Yarns by Eddie Floyd

  Early 2018 Release

Hunter is only 3-1/2 years old, but he has a wisdom beyond his years and loves to talk to the animals. And sometimes, (he says) they talk back. Grandpa and Grandma love Hunter so much, they humor him.

As it often happens on a ranch, outside foces and wild animals prey on the ranch animals. Leon and Hootch, two of the dogs, face a difficult challenge. With Hunter’s unusual talent of being able to “talk” to the animals, the story unfolds.

Release: Early 2018

Marketing Campaign:

Select non-profits supporting wild horses
Book signings
Reading group promotion
National online campaign
Social media campaign

Craps and the Showgirl by Barbara Riiff Davis
   Released August, 2017

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Pessimistic Pragmatism: Part One by PAN Pantoja
Parts 1-4 coming soon. First graphic novel in The evolution of an artist series. Watch for release dates-Get a copy of all of the series

Force Ten: Doubling the Penny by Mark Shaff
2nd in the Marcus Diablo series

      Released December 19, 2016

Don't miss this action-packed thriller. Get your copy here today.

The Dog Hears Something by Pan Pantoja
The Evolution of An Artist Series
Book 2 in the series

     Released November 15, 2016
Join us at The Jungle for the launch of Book 2 in the series.

The Hound That Is Me
by Pan Pantoja

Book 1 in the series

     Released October 4, 2016

Get your copy today.


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Need content for your website? Someone to review or edit your copy? Contact Us.

Business Marketing Questions
How to use print, online, radio and other advertising mediums together for the best benefit and ROI.

Publishing and Book Marketing Questions

We can answer your questions, whether you are self-publishing or traditionally published; if you choose an e-book or to print. Have you thought about using a book to help promote your business?

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For businesses and writers who should think like a business, stay in touch. E-mail us at lrp at lrpnv dot com(all one word using the @ sign).

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Whatever your publishing needs, we're here to help. 
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In 2000, when we started our company (then known as Publishing from the Heart), we were asked if we would self-publish books,,,more

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You must query first for book submissions. If you are new at this, there are many good books and websites that will help you understand how to formulate your letter. more information...

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For all your business and personal printing needs call or visit us at 280 Greg Street #10, Reno, NV. Place your order by emailing info at lrpnv dot com, give us a call at 775-356-1004 or check out more printing options here.

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Parallel to Paradise by Laura Newman
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New Releases:

Floyd Sneed, original Three Dog Night drummer, signed a deal with independent publisher, LeRue Press.

When You Believe: Floyd Sneed, Original Drummer for Three Dog Night

Learn more:
His book, his art, his music

Sneed has been busy working on his artwork at his Los
Angeles home. He sells his pieces online and at various
art shows. Check them out here.

More releases in 2017-2018

   Auto Emotions 101.1
                 Dennis DuPerault

Barn Yarns
                       Eddie Floyd
 ■  What Deepest Remains
                     Joseph Holsworth
Writing & Publishing Your Book
                Janice Hermsen
 ■  Working on 100, a memoir
                     Ruby Szudajski
 When You Believe: The story of Floyd Sneed
                Floyd Sneed with Janice Hermsen

 ■  The Evolution of an Artist series (20 books)
                    Pan Pantoja


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